LSU fans will love this one.

PJ Pokorney posted this video from a boat in Miami and it shows LSU fans playing the LSU Fight Song really loud (Or the anthem played during pre-game festivities).

The reason the song is being played so loud is because on the neighboring boat is Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban!

According to the comments below the post, the two vessels were waiting for a bridge to open up and when the LSU fans noticed Saban on the boat near them, that is when the trolling started.

Saban did let the LSU fans go first once the bridge opened up and as the boats went on their way, you can hear in a different video, which is in the comments, someone say, "Roll Tide."

Is this the best form of trolling? You have LSU fans and the head coach of the rival team side-by-side and no one can go anywhere.

Sounded like a lot of fun!


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