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For the first time in its 60-year existence, the LSU chapter of Acacia is shutdown.

With the spotlight on fraternities after the incident at Oklahoma University, the Greek system has been taking a hard look at their chapters to ensure that they are following their charters. Acacia's national headquarters closed the LSU chapter after an internal investigation concluded that hazing had occurred.

According to KATC, the university was notified of several allegations against the fraternity, including forced alcohol consumption and physical violence.

"The university says there was a separate incident in which new members had to stand in hot steam for a long period of time. LSU determined that new members were not allowed to eat the week of initiation and were required to participate "in activities during the week preceding initiation that significantly interfered with academic and psychological well-being."


LSU's Tiger TV talked to a pledge for Acacia, who stated,

"At one point during the first night, they took us upstairs and said this was the last meal of this week, and it was a tarp laid out with cat and dog food, then were all forced to eat it."

In a statement released by LSU officials, they stated they will not tolerate hazing and have shut down the fraternity until at least 2018. They hope this sends a very strong message to all of their students participating in Greek activities.

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