The recent debate surrounding San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is one of the most polarizing topics in sports right now. Kaepernick, who famously took a knee during the National Anthem throughout last season while he played for the 49ers, is suspected to be blacklisted by the NFL and deemed a "distraction."

Lupe Fiasco comes to Kaepernick's defense on his new song, "Kneelin' On Needles." The politically-charged record, which is produced by Baltimore's Tek.Lun, tackles the controversy surrounding Kaepernick and the misguided criticism Kaep has been receiving. The cover art for "Kneelin' On Needles" is a picture of the number seven, a nod to Kaepernick's old football jersey.

"But, I’m back to the mentally/And it’s not about natural ability/You would think that Kaep took a shat on the Statue of Liberty/God damn/It’s like we’re trapped in a memory/Untrue facts where black is an injury/It makes we wanna snap, just slap me an enemy/Then go into the back and just rap to infinity/Fuck, be more like Chance/Solo acts be more like bands/Adversaries be more like fans/BDs and GDs be more like fam," he raps.

Colin Kaepernick, who recently helped raise over $1 million dollars to provide aid to people of Somalia who suffered a catastrophic drought that has devastated their crops and livestocks, is currently a free agent in the NFL. Hopefully he gets signed to a team soon.

Bump "Kneelin' On Needles" below.

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