Music industry veteran Lyor Cohen is setting the record straight once and for all regarding Kanye West's viral photo in which he dons a Donald Trump Make America Great Again hat.

On Wednesday morning (Aug. 1), Cohen sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss all things pertaining to the music business, Roc-a-Fella records and his infamous selfie with Kanye. Cohen is well-known as the head CEO of Def Jam, CEO of Warner Music Group, Global Head of Music at YouTube and founder of 300 Entertainment. At first mention of the photo, which also included CEO of Universal Music Group Lucian Grainge, Cohen immediately shoots down the idea that he had intended for the picture to go viral.

However, when asked by Charlamagne the God if he was aware that his former artist was sporting the controversial dad cap, Cohen rejects that notion as well. "I didn't see the hat. I was so mesmerized by being invited [to Calabasas]. You know, Kanye is a beautiful host," he begins. "We walked into his gorgeous place where he does the clothing and the sneakers. I'm here having an incredible time being with him."

"So, no I didn't look at his hat at all," he adds. "I was fully immersed in the experience and I was so honored, again, to be there like 'Wow.'"

According to the music mogul, after the photo went viral he received a barrage of text messages from his colleagues. "Everybody's blowing my shit up like, 'Bro what's going on?' And, that's when I realized what happened. It was so fascinating to see."

The incident led to Kanye being criticized by many members of the hip-hop community, and kickstarted a bad week of press for the legendary artist who later came on to TMZ Live and said that slavery seemed "like a choice."

Hear what Lyor Cohen has to say about Kanye around the 43:02 minute mark below and refresh your memory of the photo in question under that.

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