Madonna joined Twitter for one day yesterday (March 26) to converse with her legion of fans about ‘MDNA’ and other assorted topics.

Well, internationally acclaimed DJ Deadmau5 took to the social networking sphere to rip her for her antics during her surprise appearance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami over the weekend.

It sparked quite a bit of back and forth. Poor Madge. She opens a Twitter account for a single day as a promotional tool and she has to deal with a Twitter war in the span of a few hours! Welcome to the 21st century and the digital age.

According to an explicit video posted on TMZ, she asked the crowd, “How many people in this crowd have seen molly?” The word “molly” is slang for an ingredient in ecstasy, which is popular among the EDM crowd. It’s also similar to the title of the new Madge record, you’ll notice.

That sent Deadmau5, known for wearing mouse ears while spinning, into a tizzy. He tore into the Material Girl on Twitter. He challenged her status as a role model for millions and accused her of being a negative influence on the EDM crowd by suggesting that it do drugs. It’s pretty ballsy to take on a pop culture icon like Madonna.

Madge tweeted a photo of herself with similar mouse ears, commenting that she was referring to a song. It was a cute way to extend an olive branch and to kiss and make up in the digital space. It worked, as Deadmau5 tweeted: “@MadonnaMDNAday fair enough, i was just voicing my concerns as i usually do. +1 respect for clearing it up personally.”

She in turn told him to do it in private next time, and with an emoticon! Madge tweeted: “Communication is always best. You should have called me first, we could have cleared it up “privately.” ; ) See you on the road.”

He replied, paying her a backhanded compliment: “sure. regardless, just be a little more aware of what you *should* represent at EDM events, and ill watch my mouth.”

Well, while we agree with Madge about him the “not cool” nature of publicly flogging her, it wouldn’t generate as much web chatter and subsequent publicity if he did it that way. At least the momentary beef has been squashed. Madge surely handled herself with class.

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