Unfortunately, people who scam and steal from the elderly are everywhere.

The kind hearts of these victims are taken advantage of by many people who apparently have no shame when it comes to taking what's not theirs.

30-year-old Tranessa Compton of Mamou is accused of stealing the credit card of an elderly nursing home resident with infirmities and ringing up $18,378.48 on it. But that's not all. Compton is also accused of making numerous credit card payments totaling $17,451.93  using the victim's bank accounts. All of this has happened since the elderly victim became a resident at the nursing home on November 1st of 2021.

After speaking with nursing home administration, detectives learned that Compton worked the same hall as the victim.

Detectives say they obtained phone conversations between Compton and the credit card company during which she could be heard identifying herself as the victim during which she would allegedly give the victim's personal information including credit card number, date of birth and social security number to gain access to the victim's account. The last recorded call Compton allegedly made to the credit card company was because the card was no longer working. Then, after learning the credit card had been canceled and a new card was being activated, Compton allegedly tried to have the stolen card reactivated and gave her phone number as a contact number for the account's file.

But wait, there's more evidence being used against Compton.

Detectives say video and photos show Compton and a male could be seen using the stolen credit card on numerous occasions until the card was canceled. Twice Compton allegedly used the stolen card while with juveniles.

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Speaking of juveniles, after Compton initially denied the horrible deeds, detectives say Compton claimed that the victim gave her the card for her to buy Christmas gifts for her children.

Compton was booked into the St. Landry Parish Jail and was booked on the following:

  • 259 counts of Access Device Fraud
  • 16 counts of Identity Theft
  • 4 counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Juvenile.

This investigation is still ongoing at this time.

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