When Police were called out to a bar named Doghouse Bar and Lounge in Ankeny, just outside Des Moines, the last thing they probably expected to find were two exotic animals in a vehicle. Well, that is what the officers encountered at the bar. A local TV Station, WTVR, reports that when someone saw the exotic animals in the car they called police. However, when police arrived, they found 55-year-old Jerald Reiter driving the vehicle the animals were in. Police found out that the exotic animals do indeed belong to Reiter, but his reasoning for them being in the car is the "kicker." The man says that in the past he brought his animals into the bar, but on this night they would not allow the animals into the establishment. Contrary to his story, the owner of the bar says that he has NEVER allowed such to happen.

Upon further investigation, police tested Reiter for alcohol, and they found that he had a 0.148 blood alcohol level, which is well above the 0.08 legal limit.Reiter claims he realized he was too drunk to drive, but police got their before he could find a designated driver.


By the way, he told police that one of the human passengers in the car was going to take the wheel. The only problem with this statement is that the only passengers in his vehicle were a ZEBRA and a MACAW!!! For more on this story visit DailyMail

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