It's not everyday that you wake up and think to yourself "Hmm, today I will make 108 pounds of brisket", but that was exactly the thought Christian Dornhorst had when he woke up at 7 a.m. on Monday morning.

Christian lives across the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge and decided he wanted to do something for the flood victims. So, he piled his wife, 4-year-old daughter, a smoker, and $850 worth of food, including chicken, sausage, three pot roasts, and 108 pounds of brisket into his car and headed for the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge. With thousands of people forced from their homes due to the devastation of the flooding, the Celtic Media Centre has become a shelter for many families.

Christian and his wife served grilled chicken and sausage to families throughout the day, but by 7 p.m. it was time for the brisket. All 108 pounds of brisket were gone within 20 minutes. Christian told the Washington Post “There are enough people suffering here that I can do this to help.”

Every little bit helps. Christian's effort made a big impact on the flood victims in Baton Rouge. With so much devastation, families displaced, and the lives lost rising it's so nice to hear about people helping out where they can. Find out more about Christian's story on the Washington Post website and find out how you can help Louisiana flood victims at

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