The headline may seem a bit exaggerated, but even the family of 20-year-old Chris Staniforth is convinced that he died as a result of his marathon gaming. A blood clot that formed after a 12 hour session is what did David in and his family is now speaking out about the health risks that obsessive gaming can pose.

His father David told The Sun that his son spent most of his time playing Halo, and was even recently accepted into a game design program at Leicester University. Chris died back in May, and according to the coroner the cause of death was deep vein thrombosis.

"He had probably been on all night, on the computer at his desk, on Facebook or gaming -- one or the other," Staniforth said. After that, Staniforth said his son's friend said Chris felt a pounding in his chest but eventually fell asleep.

But is this risk just limited to extreme gamers? The answer is NO. And Chris' family is raising awareness because they want other young men and women to learn from their loss.

[via ABC News]

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