Ed Houben was a virgin until the age of 34. Nine years later, he has made up for lost time by fathering 82 children and currently has 10 kids on the way. Ed sleeps with childless women who desperately want to become mothers and is known as "the most prolific professional baby maker in the world.

Sperm banks rely on sperm donors and normally charge thousands of dollars for inseminations. Ed literally cut out the middle man, and instead of donating sperm to sperm banks, he delivers the deed (and the seed) personally by having intercourse with his clients 100% free of charge - and it's all legal.

Houben began donating sperm to local clinics. He then caught wind of websites like Spermaspender.de in Germany that connects him with mothers who are desperate to conceive.  He has paperwork that shows his medical records, and most importantly his 'spermiogram' - a chart that shows that he is the real deal when it comes to sperm count. As a matter of fact, Ed's pedigree is so good, he gives 80% of the women he has sex with a child.

His seed has been sown all around the globe, but these days he usually waits for women to come to him at his southern Dutch home in Maastricht. He sometimes makes exceptions if his partners are in a particularly fertile period provided they pay for his travel and lodging.

While Houben's unorthodox methods are quite noble, there is one big risk involved with each and every impregnation. In addition to submitting their medical records to show they are disease and drug free, all of his partners sign documents that wave any legal claims to child support; but experts say that these documents would be worthless in the hands of any decent lawyer.

'If all the mothers decided to sue him for maintenance he would be paying them off for the rest of this life, and the next,' said one German family lawyer.

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82 children later and there is no baby-mama-drama for Ed Houben. And here's the kicker; his girlfriend says the fact that Ed sleeps with and impregnates numerous women only "makes him more interesting." Ed Houben almost gives the most interesting man in the world a run for his money.

Ladies, would you ever use a 'babymaking service' this this to conceive? Fellas, would be be down to let this happen if you weren't able to conceive with your partner?

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