A family was driving in Quebec on Easter when a guy cut them off. Both of them pulled over, and the guy ran up to the family's car and started threatening them with a running CHAINSAW!!!

Alexandre Hermenier was driving with his wife Karine and their two kids in St. Jerome, Canada on Sunday when a guy named Manuel Delisle cut them off.

Alexandre then started to follow Manuel, which was a bad idea with kids in the car, and the two men both pulled over to confront each other. What the dad of the children in the car did not know was that Manuel was about to approach his family with a chainsaw in-hand.

Luckily this terrifying incident was all caught on camera and Manuel was arrested by police and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Just hearing these poor kids scream during this scary incident should remind all of us that road rage incidents can be very dangerous, and that we should never put ourselves or our loved ones in danger over bad driving habits.

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