This really happened.

A Florida man broke into a home Sunday and then hid in a pile of construction insulation before he was arrested.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Bruce Davis allegedly broke into a home in North Fort Myers in an attempted residential burglary and was still inside the property when deputies arrived.

While officers searched for the would-be robber, he got into the attic and hid in a pile of insulation, which could not have been very comfortable.

Lee County Sheriff's Office
Lee County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office says that Davis pressed his face against the air duct system in the attic to breathe fresh air while buried in the insulation.

The responding agency posted photos of the man who allegedly broke into the house on their social media page and you can see on one photo that he is buried in the insulation, with his hands up, and in another covered in the debris.

According to the police report, Davis was arrested for burglary and resisting an officer.



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