A 33-year-old California man said he was assaulted by police, but  when authorities check the surveillance camera footage told a completely different story.

Alksander Robin Tomaszewski claimed that detectives beat him up during an interview on Jan 9th

The only problem with his story is that tape from a camera set up near the holding cell revealed that it was Tomaszeweski who punched himself in the face repeatedly. In the four minute video, the man punched himself in the face an approximate 45 times.

man claims police brutality, surveillance tells a different story
Lane County Sheriff's Office

Once he realized his not-so-clever cover was blown, he admitted that he thought accusing the officers of assault would help him to get out of jail.

Instead, he spent 20 days in jail, 36 mos probation, and a $500 fine for attempted coercion.

Sources say Tomaszewski was originally in custody for stalking and sexual abuse.

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