A 26-year-old man did his best to make his driver's license photo look good or at least appealing. We all know that the cameras at the DMV are NOT the best when it comes to taking attractive photos. So, with that said, one young man thought that it would be clever to shave half of his head and half of his beard for his latest "photo shoot" at his local DMV. According to Reddit user Adam Bard from British Columbia Canada, he shaved the left half his head and the opposite half of his beard, taking time to document the process every silly step of the way.

While Bard was allowed to take his license photo as such, it did come with having a few people look at him rather oddly and even offer up a few chuckles.

"They deliberately said nothing," Bard said of the DMV workers who went through with the snap, "then [they] broke down and asked me if I just did it for the photo. Some chuckles, no problems."


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