Dante Autullo of Illinois is counting his blessings after an X-ray revealed that he’d been walking around with a 3 1/4 inch nail into the middle of his brain. Autullo, who had been using the nail gun to build a shed in his yard, said that he knew something strange had happened. "It really felt like I got punched on the side of the head," he told the Associated Press adding that he continued working. "I thought it went past my ear."

While the accident didn't send Autullo to the hospital immediately, he would later decide to seek medical attention the day after his accident after he became nauseous. In fact, Autullo continued to perform daily chores around his home after the nail became lodged in his skull.

Upon further examinations an x-ray revealed that the nail penetrated the man's skull and entered into his brain. The nail came within millimeters from the part of the brain that controls motor function. Many are asking today, why didn't he feel the pain upon the nail entering into his brain? There are no pain-sensitive nerves in the brain itself.

Autullo has since been treated and his wife says that he is doing fine and remembers everything. There appears to be no long term side effects as of yet for Dante Autullo, but you can rest assure that he and his family are counting their blessings today.


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