Video of a young man stuck under a moving train has gone viral, making its rounds on multiple websites.

No one knows the exact backstory as to how this kid ended up stuck under the moving train in the first place, but as the video opens we immediately see him in a very dangerous position as his friend films the situation with his smartphone.

At first the kid seemed calm, but then he began to panic. He managed to make a shocking escape to safety, but left many scratching their heads as to why he didn't just wait for the train to pass.

One commenter claiming to a train inspector for a Class 1 Railroad explained why this stunt was a terrible idea that could have easily turned fatal:

this video makes me cringe so f—ing bad! A lot of freight cars can have missing pins or even defective brake beams that cause the brake rigging to hang very very low. This kid has no f—ing idea how lucky he was to not die or lose any limbs on his body. The kid filming was also right next to an adjacent railroad track that was live, meaning the kid filming could have been hit by another train. All in all a horrible situation that should never have happened.

I don't know about you, but my heart was jumping out of my chest, and I wasn't even the one under the train.

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