He's much braver than me.

Watch as Gary Saurage, who is the owner of Gator Country in Beaumont, Texas, puts on an alligator suit to get closer to some of the gators on his property.

In the video below, which was posted years ago, you can see Gary get into the water with some of these vicious reptiles and even approach them while on dry land.

I've seen this man on various television networks, but to watch him get so close to some of these huge alligators is still shocking to me.

Gary Saurage
Gary Saurage

As you'll see here, the alligators appear to think that he is "one of them" and they don't seem to be bothered by his presence, being that they don't really see him.

I ask, could you ever do this? Would you ever consider putting on this suit and getting into a body of water infested with hungry alligators?

Check out this bizarre video.


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