A lot of us will be flying out for the holidays, and flying is expensive as it is. When they start adding on baggage fees.. Man, that just burns you up (and your wallet)! ..  But, how do you avoid the fees? Well, you could always take this guy's advice.

Maybe it will work, maybe not . You can hardly blame the unidentified man at a Chinese airport who recently tried to avoid baggage fees by wearing all his clothes at once. According to eyewitnesses, the man showed up at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China looking like a “sumo wrestler.” Was he a big guy? No. He was wearing more than 60 shirts and NINE pairs of jeans... AT THE SAME TIME!

As crazy as that all sounds, he might have actually gotten away with it, but he set off a metal detector and had to undergo a full body search - which required him to take off the numerous articles of clothing. Officials then discovered batteries, thumb drives, and devices chargers stuffed in his many pockets.

There’s no word on whether the man was allowed to board the flight. Come to think of it, with all that clothing, he might still be stuck in TSA screening, lol.

“Please remove your shirt. Your other shirt. Your other shirt… NOW!!  Bend over”

What do you think? Dumb idea or genius idea? Comment below now.

 [via MSN]