Even 20 years after his passing, the late Notorious B.I.G. is still regarded as one of the best to ever do it. Releasing two critically acclaimed albums during his short-lived music career, Biggie's music continues to live on, thanks to the rap fans and hip-hop artists that have kept his legacy alive. One rapper who truly remembers Biggie's impact in hip-hop is Mannie Fresh, who spoke with XXL recently about what he meant to the rap world.

"B.I.G. was like the Alfred Hitchcock of rap. Like this dude's story form was so nuts," Mannie says of Biggie's incredible storytelling skills.

The Big Tymers member also confirms he was more of a Biggie dude during the beef between the East Coast MC and West Coast rapper 2Pac. "For those from my era, my age, that 2Pac vs. Biggie war will go on forever about who is the greatest? But I was more of a Biggie dude," Mannie shares.

Mannie decided to run with Biggie over 2Pac during the highly publicized beef because of his unforgettable wordplay. "I'm not gonna lie to you, the dude kept you holding on till the end of the song to figure out the story," he admits. "I remember he said a line that was so dope to me. 'Nothing to lose, tattooed around his gun wounds/ Everything, the game, embedded in his brain. 'When I heard that I was like, God damn! Like who would think of some shit like that?"

The New Orleans native, who's worked with rap giants like Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Jeezy, says Biggie Smalls was a rare breed and one-of-a-kind MC. "The dude was dope as hell and made a huge impact in the game," says Mannie. "There will never be another Biggie ever again."

Long live the rap game's Frank White.

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