Marc Broussard, a locally loved singer-songwriter from Carencro, Louisiana who has made a name for himself globally, announced he will be taking his first album back on tour. In a post on social media, he explains that this tour will be a "thank you" to everyone who has supported him over the past two decades. There isn't a better way to celebrate his first album turning 20 than playing 'Carencro' front to back on tour across the country. In the spirit of celebrating, the record is also being reissued on vinyl and is available for pre-order.

We had a chance to sit down with Marc Broussard to get answers to some burning questions fans have had since the announcement.

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Marc Broussard
Marc Broussard

Don't Worry, Lousiana Dates Are On The Way

It would only be right that a Louisiana-loved artist like Marc Broussard would bring his tour to cities near his hometown of Carencro. He confirmed that they will be adding more dates for fall 2024 which will include Louisiana.

Marc Broussard Via Facebook
Marc Broussard Via Facebook

After seeing the announcement we reached out to the man himself to get some insight on how meaningful this tour is for him and his fans.  The 2024 tour is a look back at all he has accomplished in his career thus far while celebrating the album that started it all. Newer fans need not worry according to Broussard, he said he will make sure to throw in covers from his SOS series like the fan favorite "Cry to Me". There was also mention of the tour wrapping up here in Louisiana with a special event.


Full Interview With Marc Broussard

What does it mean to take this album back out on tour at THIS point in your career?

"It never left the tour. These songs have been mainstays from Jump Street."

If you could go back 20 years what's one thing you'd tell young Marc Broussard?

"Stop trying to be cool. You're not cool. You're okay and that's fine. Not everyone is destined for the cool club."

You mentioned there will be multiple Louisiana there any possibility that you could do a show IN Carencro?

"The plan, as of now, is to have a big throw-down at Pelican Park to wrap up everything. Who knows, it may turn into an annual event!"

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