Just as Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon welcome twins into their family, they had a surprise visit from the Child Protection Services. Under California law, any time there is any allegation made involving the welfare of a child, CPS is required to investigate.Apparently the investigation stems from when a nurse allegedly told Mariah Carey to drink Guinness beer because the yeast would help her breastfeed. Cannon believes that someone may have overheard this conversation and ran to the tabloids with it. The accusations made said that Mariah Carey may have been drinking and doing drugs while still in the hospital bed. That is when CPS arrived to the hospital to investigate the allegations. According to RadarOnline, Cannon is furious over this, and is really upset that he and his family are going through all of this. In what is suppose to be the most precious time of their life, Cannon feels that they are being deprived of this memory all because of allegations.

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