Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber have teamed up in the re-make of the iconic Christmas song "All I Want For Christmas Is You." The video debuted Wednesday night, and the song is featured on Bieber's new Christmas album. See, and hear, what happens when two of the largest pop icons collaborate on such an iconic theme song.

In the video Mariah plays a sexy Santa, and does so very well, while Bieber seems to just bounce around Macy's in New York. See if you notice any flirtatious moments in the video as it draws to an end. It appears that Mimi and Bieber seem to share some interest in one another as they begin to pass out gifts in the video.


And while I am sure there is nothing to it, just to be able to see Mariah in-person while she wears this outfit had to have been a treat in itself.

For we guys, if he music here doesn't get you into the Christmas spirit, perhaps what Mariah Carey is wearing, or maybe not wearing, in this video shall.

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