"Deflate-gate" has taken over the media's coverage of the Super Bowl. While that is a shame, it's even more of a shame that Mark Brunell was nearly moved to tears when he said that he doesn't believe Tom Brady is telling the truth concerning the infamous deflated footballs!

In a segment seen on ESPN's "NFL Insiders," Mark Brunell detailed the process he went through prior to games he started at quarterback concerning the air pressure in game day footballs.  Mark, who started 151 games in the NFL, then went on to say he believes that Tom Brady should have know exactly how those footballs felt prior to the AFC Championship game versus the Indianapolis Colts. Brunell gets emotional while talking about the subject.

Of Course, Tom Brady now has his detractors that are suggesting he must have known how those inlfated or deflated the footballs were. Brady indicated that the NFL will have more questions for him following the end of the NFL season. You can see and hear his press conference concerning the matter in the video below.

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