What. A. Game.

Yesterday's Saints victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a sweet one, considering the Bucs are our "new" rival (it's okay to still hate the Falcons, though).

The game was exciting, from Brady's turnovers to Winston's injury (we aren't happy he's injured, mind you; it just made the game more interesting), the game had its ups and downs. But what happened before the game really electrified the crowd: the introduction of Mark Ingram.

Ingram, a long-time Saints favorite, made his debut back into the Superdome after recently being re-signed by the franchise and, upon the announcement of his name, the crowd went crazy.

What could top that? Having Ingram lead the "Who Dat!?!" chant prior to kick-off!

Here's Ingram's "Who Dat?!?" from another angle:

During the game, Ingram continued to electrify the crowd, with his 52 yards contributing to the Saints' win over the Bucs.

According to NOLA.com, Coach Sean Peyton awarded Ingram the Game Ball, saying it was the "you could hear him before you could see him" Game Ball.

Ingram said that you wouldn't find anyone happier that he is back in New Orleans than him. I am not certain about that, Mark Ingram: hundreds of thousands of Saints fans are pretty happy about it, too.

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