When you're the dude who founded Facebook, you don't need to justify your swag to anyone—but Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed why you see him wearing the same t-shirt every day.

Even though he doesn't owe anyone an explanation for his style, Zuck's reasoning for always sporting his signature grey tee actually makes a ton of sense—as he explained recently during a public Q&A at Facebook headquarters,

I really want to clear my life so that I have to make as few decisions as possible, other than how to best serve this community,

Zuckerberg isn't alone when it comes to his basic fashion behavior.

As a matter of fact, he joins a list of people like the late tech-God Steve Jobs, who notoriously rocked his trademark turtleneck—as well as superstar music artist Kanye West, who's wife Kim Kardashian-West recently said, "wears the same thing over and over."

If Mark Zuckerberg's swag equates to Mark Zuckerberg's checking account, then somebody hand me a grey shirt.

[via Complex]