In an interview with Black Enterprise, Beyonce's dad Mathew Knowles has opened up on their split. When asked if their split was a difficult transition for him, he said, "Interesting enough the transition started way before the official announcement. If you're strategic, which we are, you don't make a decision like that before you start dialogue. That dialogue started nine months ago. At the end of the day, I'm Beyonce's father first and her manager second. Remember, this is 20 years I've been doing this. She's almost 30 years old and if she says, 'I want to run my business,' I think she's smart enough that she will get the right team." He continued, "Beyonce is smart enough to know what she knows and what she doesn't know, and that takes an even smarter person to admit that. And she knows she can call me anytime. It takes a lot of hours and a lot of staff to run the business of Beyonce." When asked why he's chosen to only focus on gospel music, he said, "The reason I chose to focus on faith-based and inspirational music is because of the message and hope and it gives people. Folks, especially young people today, want hope." In other Beyonce news, her upcoming song "Girl" has leaked. According to, Justin Walker from BET's Baldwin Hills was at an audition event for the music video. The video is being directed by I Am Legend/music video director Francis Lawrence. Danielle Polanco and Luam were two of the choreographers working on the video, which was 8 or 9 in total. The theme of the song "Girl" is female empowerment and girl power. The beat is driven by a sample of a popular club song. The video will feature 100+ girls and will presumably be shot on the 13th. As previously reported, Bey's upcoming album is expected to drop in June.

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