The MUNCHIES crew brought the Louisiana spice to VICE.

One of my favorite food shows on television is MUNCHIES, and if you like good food and good entertainment, it's a match made in heaven. So when I saw my friend share this episode and realized it was in the backyard of my hometown, I was super excited to check it out.

You don't have to be familiar with the show to enjoy this episode of MUNCHIES, but once you do watch it, you may end up checking out more episodes and tuning in regularly on VICE. I just can't believe I missed this one, and I always love to see our culture (accurately) portrayed on a national or global platform.

Check out Matty as he hits up food trucks in NOLA, to the Gulf of Mexico with super famous chef Alon Shaya and ultimately highlights the wonderful land of Tabasco on Avery Island.

Be warned: There is definitely some NSFW language. Just ask the woman in the red shirt at the end of the video, LOL

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