We didn’t appreciate what we had until it was gone. We got so used to one or two (or three!) Marvel movies a year, that we just assumed that would be the way things would be for a long time to come. But here we sit, in May of 2020, and we haven’t had a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie since last July’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. The first movie in Phase Four of the MCU, Black Widow, has been postponed until at least November. Right now, it seems possible that we might not see it for months beyond that. It’s not entirely unlikely that there might not be any Marvel movies at all in 2020.

If the total lack of new Marvel movies has you down in the dumps, this video might cheer you up a little. It’s called “A Ride Through the MCU Action” by YouTuber Gugga Leunnam, and it takes you on a tour of the MCU to date, using really impressive editing to seamlessly blend all 23 movies to date into a two-minute clip of non-stop action. It highlights just how much the movies are interconnected, not only by characters but by themes and even movements — as the heroes’ dives, falls, swoops, and leaps, all perfectly mesh together. It’s really awesome.

Black Widow is currently slated to open in theaters on November 6, 2020. Fingers crossed.

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