Residents of Carencro are very confused as their water supply has seemingly turned pink. City officials say that a mechanical issue has led to the unusual sight that has sent many to social media with photos and videos showing the pink water.

Carencro Pink Water

It is definitely not what you'd expect to see when going to pour a glass of water during a very hot summer in Acadiana, but pink water is exactly what some Carencro residents got today.

Pink Water Running from Home Faucets in Carencro

One Carencro area resident shared a post to the 'Life In Carencro - Carencro, Louisiana' Facebook group with videos that show pink water flooding a street as well as pink water flowing out of a kitchen faucet.

Carencro Pink water

As official word from the City of Carencro comes out with reasoning as to what is causing the water to be pink, some commenters in the group have said they are draining the city water plant before it effects more of the public.

Another confused local posted a video of their running faucet with a pure-pink tint to the water.

See the post shared by Brit Morvant via Facebook below.

Why is the Water in Carencro Pink?

According to the city, a valve malfunction allowed excess potassium permanganate to enter the water system. The Louisiana Department of Health says that potassium permanganate in the concentrations used to treat water is not toxic.

The City of Carencro has released an official statement via their Facebook page which you can find below with full details.


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