Meet Charlie Parker, a 3-year-old boy who is surrounded by dangerous reptiles on a daily basis. Charlie's parents own an exotic reptile park in Australia and his family introduced him to dangerous reptiles at a very young age.

Since the age of two-years-old, Charlie has been playing with dangerous snakes, alligators, and other reptiles. While those in his family may not see a problem with Charlie playing with these dangerous reptiles, experts say that Charlie has been put into a very dangerous situation by his parents.

As you can see in this video, Charlie is playing with 8-foot snakes and wrestling with gators in their own habitat. I ask, are his parents wrong for this? Do you think that Charlie is in any bit of danger, and if something would happen to him while he is around these dangerous reptiles, should his parent's be held libel? Please comment in the comment section below. And Lastly, let's all pray that this little boy is never injured by any of these dangerous reptiles.


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