A recent survey says that men with the names, Liam and Ryan are most likely to cheat on you! Find out if you made the list.

The survey included 2,000 women and the men they were with at the time of the survey.

In the survey the women said that men named Wayne were least trustworthy when it comes to relationships, and that men named Liam, Ryan and Matt ranked very high in the "he's going to cheat on you category." All according to Siteopia.com.

The list also included Craig, Steve and Scott. For the full list, check it out on dailymail.co.uk.

So, if your name isn't on this list, make sure you show your partner, but if it is, I wouldn't even let her know because it will raise suspicion. LOL!! To the ladies, if your man is/was named any of the names on this list comment below and let us know if this survey is true.


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