Method Man and Redman played two stoners who attend Harvard University in the 2001 stoner flick How High. According to Meth, during filming, he and Redman actually smoked real weed on the set.

On the latest episode of Maino Presents Kitchen Talk Podcast, which premiered on Fox Soul's YouTube channel last Friday (Dec. 16), Method Man was asked about his role as Silas in the 2001 comedy film, How High. The rapper-actor revealed that he and Redman (who played Jamal) were smoking real weed while filming scenes for the movie — for authenticity, of course.

"How High, was you guys smoking real weed?" asked Maino.

"Yeah, at first," Meth replied. "And they [the producers] was like, 'You guys are so spot-on in the morning but after lunch, you come back something different.'"

But the Wu-Tang Clan member credits film producer Stacey Sher for being honest and telling him that his weed smoking was affecting his performance.

"But the producer Stacey Sher pulled me to the side [and said], "You know, after this, I'm still going to be a producer, my face isn't on the screen, I'm going to get my credit," Meth recalled. "That's your face on the screen. How do you want to be seen?"

As a result, Method and Redman deliver a hilarious performance as two stoners invading the prestigious campus of Harvard University.

Interestingly, today (Dec. 21) is the 21st anniversary of the theatrical release of How High. When the movie initially hit theaters, it was panned by critics. However, the stoner flick became a cult classic among rap fans and weed heads alike through the years. Peep the movie's trailer below.

Method Man also talked about the Wu-Tang Clan and his successful acting career on Kitchen Talk. Watch it below.

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