All I can say is WOW! Michael Jordan's house is up for sale, and it's huge. It's so huge it has 19 bathrooms and is over 56,000 square feet. Everything is custom made, from the #23 gate to the dining room table. Jordan lived in this house for over 19 years, and has everything from an island swimming pool to it's own indoor basketball court (of course.)The cool part is, it's a video auction. So, we get to see how Jordan lived with an all access pass video. This video is 8 minutes of greatness, and better then any 'MTV Cribs' episode.

This palace needs to be the next Graceland. The person that can afford this would make a ton of money by making it a tourist attraction. I mean lets face it, Michael Jordan is a living legend. The auction will take place on November 22, 2013. I'm surprised it not on the 23rd.

It's amazing how Jordan lived, I see why he worked so hard.

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