How well do you think the former boxing champ did?

One of the many wonderful things about the internet is that you may have missed something, but you can go back and find out about it. Even if it happened years before.

Fox Sports used to have a show called Crowd Goes Wild (CGW) that was cancelled back in 2014. On said show, they would often have celebrities throw sharp objects while blindfolded. Can you imagine now why the show was cancelled?!

That being said, Mike Tyson was on the show back in 2013. The sharp objects he was throwing happened to be darts. Tossing them as one would a dart board.

What happened next is almost inhuman. I know the guy is extra athletic, but this is more than that. He must live outside of the matrix, and just plug in to come back and make fun of the rest of us.

Not only did he hit the board with all three hits, but he hit TWO bulls-eyes in a row!

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