Miley Cyrus is no stranger to kickin' up controversy within international governments, and this time, her butt may have gotten her into some trouble in Mexico.

When the 'Wrecking Ball' singer performed '23' in Monterrey, Mexico on Tuesday (Sept. 16), her dancers began slapping and her absurdly large prosthetic butt with Mexican flags as she twerked. We can't even believe we just wrote that sentence -- but as it turns out, the raunchy act could land her in some serious hot water.

According to Fusion, the country has a 35-page law about the proper use of the Mexican flag, and Article 52 states that "disrespect for the flag and national symbols, will be punished according to their seriousness and the condition of the person who commits them." The site also reports that disrespecting the flag could be punishable with fines up to "250 minimum wages, or 36 hours in jail." And if the desecration occurs for "commercial purposes," the fine is even greater.

While the Mexican government has yet to comment on the incident, Mediaite quotes a member of Mexican lawmaker as saying:

“They are hitting her with the flag, or cleaning her backside. It’s a lack of respect,"  Francisco Trevino Cabello said. "The interior ministry must sanction the singer Miley Cyrus for desecrating the flag.”

Fusion also reports that Mexican singer Paulina Rubio was once fined $4,000 for appearing naked in a magazine with the flag draped over her.

Smilers + PopCrushers, do you think Miley Cyrus should get into trouble?

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