Miley Cyrus has responded to a fan's request to accompany him to his prom.

You know which fan: Arizona teen Matt Peterson, who famously uploaded a viral video of him asking Miley to the dance while he was wearing nothing but a foam finger and a smile.

Well, Matt maybe didn't get the answer that he wanted -- after all, Miley will be on tour in Amsterdam on May 3, the night of his prom -- but he DID get an answer. And it was a really cool one!

A chance to hang backstage with the star at her 'Bangerz' tour stop in Arizona? Sounds good to us -- and it sounded pretty good to Matt, too! He was overjoyed, shared his reaction with the world via Twitter:

Let's just hope he wears more than just a corsage to the show! Miley's 'Bangerz' tour kicks off next weekend (Feb. 16) in Tacoma, Wash. It hits Phoenix on Feb. 27.

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