Miley Cyrus is on fire, and despite what some may think of her behavior as of late, she still has the same ridiculous amount of fans that she's always had. With big success comes big hate, naturally; but even the biggest of all Miley haters will have to admit that this a capella version of 'We Can't Stop' featuring The Roots and Jimmy Fallon, is "perty cool."

For those who may not be paying attention, Miley is on a roll this week. She's having a solid promo run for her new album "Bangerz," and from burning Matt Lauer for trying to criticize her "sexual side," to a handful of stellar interviews and live performances including an SNL appearance, even the biggest Miley-haters are starting to come around.

My favorite part of her performance on Fallon was that for once we saw a stripped down version of Miley (you see what I did there?) and sans the overt sexuality and studio magic, we are reminded that this girl is actually pretty talented. It's also pretty funny to watch Questlove react to all the ratchet things that Miley is saying.

Oh, and there was no twerking or fuzzy bears harmed in the making of this video.