Making gumbo isn't something an amateur cook can do.

Trust me, I went through a lot of trial and error for years, and honestly my gumbo isn't as good as my maw-maw's.

A woman from Gulfport, Mississippi found this out the hard way when she posted a pic of something that may be 'gumboish' but more like some type of asian soup. I will give it to her for trying.


The only thing is, people are going onto her Facebook page and they're not having it. They are tearing apart Miya Parkman's Facebook post in disapproval of her gumbo. Some people are giving her advice, while others are just straight up mean and rude to her.

Is there any friendly advice you want to give to Mary? She seems to be having a hard time with making the roux.

Who better to give her some great advice but from the late Justin Wilson... Hopefully Mary will see this post and see how the people of Acadiana will lend a helping hand to get her gumbo skills up! Mary is really going to lose her mind when she finds out that we put potato salad in it. : )


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