Yesterday, a video of the incredible Kate Upton doing the 'Cat Daddy' spread like wildfire throughout internet land. YouTube yanked the original video down for being "too sexy," but they could barely keep up with all the alternate videos that were popping up seemingly every other second. With killer dance moves on full display, Kate Upton proved that she wasn't just another pretty face, but her model friends are already challenging her to a dance-off!

The Rejectz are the luckiest guys on earth right now. As the creators of 'Cat Daddy' the group is getting the best record promotion possible purely on the strength of models worldwide doing their dance in next-to-nothing clothing. If this keeps up, it very well may become the greatest dance of all time.

Check out Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos joining up for some tag team 'Cat Daddy' action that makes me want to round up my crew and form an official dance-off circle around their stellar performance.

The only thing that would make this video better is if Kate Upton herself would join in.

Kate Upton Gets Served By Melanie Iglesias & Lisa Ramos

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