As any parent knows, getting multiple kids ready for school in the morning can be a real hassle. But before you decide to leave them to their own devices, consider this 34-year-old California mom who was sentenced to six months in jail for letting her kids skip too much school. Truancy ain't no joke!

According to reports, Lorraine Cuevas allowed her two children -- a second grader and third grader -- to miss a total of 116 school days without a valid excuse at Monroe Elementary School in Hanford, CA.

She allegedly ignored phone calls and letters from the school district's superintendent warning her about the consequences. Later, she pleaded guilty to violating the state's new chronic truancy law and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, making her one of the first parents to be convicted under the statute.

What do you think? Was the sentence too harsh or did the punishment fit the crime?

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