This is why you can't be late to board a cruise ship. Announcements are made regularly regarding departure time. If you are late, they will have to leave you, and you will be forced to find an alternate mode of transportation to the next port.

According to YouTube user Scott Thomas who shot the video from the boat,

Norwegian Breakaway leaves couple on pier in Nassau, Bahamas when their kids were on the ship! They were very late, but it's still messed up!

As you can see in the video the woman is down on her knees begging the ship to stop and let her on. But you can't stop a ship once it starts moving. Plus the ship is on a very tight schedule and the boarding times are well known through out the ship.

She had three kids on board as the ship sailed away to New York.

According to WAFB,

Her husband went to look for her when she didn’t make it back in time.

Just a note; the cruise ship did wait an extra half an hour for the lady to come back. The children were with their uncle on the ship, so they were not completely alone.

When the cruise ship made it back to land in New York the mom had taken a plane and met them there. All in all it's heartbreaking to see the mom like that on her knees.


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