Families were out at Moncus Park today for the big opening of the new playgrounds and water adventure.

Earlier this week we announced that the Ochsner Lafayette General Playground and Our Lady of Lourdes Interactive Water Feature would be opening to the public this weekend (Jun 11) and the community wasted no time jumping right into the action today at noon.

You can't miss the new playground-water adventure area as it is just a few steps away from the entrance to Moncus Park under the Live Oaks.

The all-ages playgrounds are fully accessible and the water adventure showed up just in time to curb the south Louisiana summer heat. Changing rooms and restroom facilities are newly built and available for public use.

Moncus Shared a video as soon as the new features opened to the public and you can already imagine how exciting this will be for families and our community at large for years to come.

We've seen renderings, and we've seen plans, but nothing compares to seeing it in action along with the smiling faces who will enjoy this central park in Lafayette and, hopefully, make lifelong memories.

The next big feature that we're looking forward to is the Savoy Family Treehouse. Follow Moncus Park on all their social platforms and get a sneak peek at the treehouse below.

Have you checked out any of the new features yet? If so, give us your feedback!

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