Reports are saying that Jeff Banks, a college football coach who has spent time at Texas A&M, Alabama, and is currently the special teams coach for the Texas Longhorns, had an incident occur at his home over Halloween weekend. That incident involved the coach and his girlfriend's monkey allegedly biting and latching onto a trick-or-treater.

The initial report of the incident came from @thomasgcampbell on Twitter which you can see below.

From there, multiple reports from both outside and inside of the situation began coming out. Allegedly Coach Banks' girlfriend, reportedly named Danielle Thomas, who is the apparent original owner of the monkey, posted and deleted a video of herself explaining the incident.

By then, reports from the sports media world were all over the bizarre Halloween incident. That included a spook-tacular breakdown of events that came from a former NFL pro-bowl punter.

See @PatMcAfeeShow give the entire reported backstory of the monkey biting incident at the Coach Banks' home below.

To fill in the blanks on McAfee's backstory, Coach Jeff Banks' girlfriend, Thomas, was once featured on The Jerry Springer Show and was referred to by that show as the "GOAT" when it came to her craft.

Now, the relationship between Coach Banks and his now girlfriend initially got attention on social media due to the nature of their origin story which @MottThunder2 laid out on Twitter.

You can see in one of the above photos a monkey hanging onto a poll, apparently receiving a high-five from the woman who is now Coach Banks girlfriend.

Understand that, as the reports state, Thomas' moments in the spotlight occurred years before her relationship with the football coach. Nevertheless, the monkey seen in the photo above is apparently the same monkey who allegedly latched onto a child's arm during trick-or-treating festivities over Halloween weekend.

See the monkey on Instagram via @monkey_gia below.

While the reports regarding a monkey biting a child during Halloween are still developing, it has become the talk on social media with many sports outlets discussing the details.

See some of those posts below.

We will have to wait and see what comes of the incident, as the Longhorns coach has found himself at the center of one of the most bizarre Halloween stories I've ever heard of.

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