Here's something literally no one expected: Addison Rae's dad has challenged rapper Yung Gravy to a boxing match on TikTok. Seemingly out of nowhere.

Addison's dad, Monty Lopez, posted the semi-strange challenge on TikTok over the weekend...and many people are perplexed. Is it real? Is it a joke? We're diving in for some answers.

First things first: Addison and her family are from Lafayette. She grew up in the Hub City and went to college at LSU before blowing up on TikTok and becoming a certified social media influencer. She's starred in movies, has her own makeup line, and gets millions of views on every TikTok video. Her family frequently appears in her TikToks with her.

This all started when Yung Gravy appeared on a podcast, talking about his dating life and what he is looking for in a potential partner. Now, if you follow Gravy or know anything about him, you know that he loves moms. He posts videos about moms, reacts to TikToks about moms, and just loves the moms.

At some point in the last year, Addison's parents split up. There were some rumors of Monty cheating on Sherri across social media. Gravy caught wind of Sherri being single...and maybe caught feelings. Check out what he had to about Addison's mom below.

It might just be me here, but this doesn't seem disrespectful to anyone, including Monty. I think it's a guy just trying to score a date with someone, and it sounds like they're planning dates for real.

Well, Monty didn't see it that way. Gravy posted that TikTok on Friday and Monty came back with a series of videos posted on Sunday. They're interesting, to say the least. He duetted the video above with added text and a voiceover, including the challenge.

It doesn't stop there. Monty posted another response to the Gravy video, and some are describing it as bizarre. It's definitely getting a lot of attention, including some from Addison's friends and fellow influencers.

Check out the video response that's catching people's attention:

On top of that video, his comment section is on fire with comments. People aren't really understanding where he's coming from because of his responses to certain questions. He is liking comments about him being out of pocket, of him being crazy, of him being a not-so-good person.

But this response is what gets me right here:

Via: TikTok
Via: TikTok

If Monty let Addison's mom go over a year ago....why is he so upset? Yung Gravy didn't say anything disrespectful about Sherri (Addison's mom). Is this a publicity stunt? Is it just a breakdown moment? Is Monty in his Kanye era?

Monty has taken this challenge across every social media platform. He has posted about this on his Twitter and Instagram. It seems like he is serious. No word from Addison or Sherri just yet.

Yung Gravy kept his response short and sweet:

Via: TikTok
Via: TikTok

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