There is no hotter music star on the planet right now that Morgan Wallen. Wallen has certainly had his ups and downs much like the lyrics to one of his early hits would suggest. He's been on top of the country music world and he has hit rock bottom after video was released that reportedly showed him making highly racially insensitive remarks. 

image courtesy Big Loud
image courtesy Big Loud

Wallen has also had setbacks in his current touring schedule. An issue with his voice and vocal chords sidelined the country hitmaker for several weeks. But it does appear as if his voice has mended and he will be back on stage and on tour. In fact, Wallen's One Night at a Time Tour is set to play Chicago's Wrigley Field this weekend. 

While Wallen's professional life has been a series of peaks and valleys his personal life could have taken a significant turn for the worse. Fortunately, the situation described Wallen's ex partner and the mother of his two year old son Indigo does not have a tragic ending.

The Mother of Wallen's two year old son, KT Smith, said the boy was attacked by Smith's dog on Sunday. The injury was severe enough that Smith sought treatment for the two year old at a local emergency room. Fortunately, the child only required a few stitches and based on reports appears to be none the worse for wear.

Meanwhile the dog, a Great Pyrenees named Legend that was adopted by Smith in April of last year has come under scrutiny following the attack. When asked what she intended to do with the large dog following the attack on the small child, Page Six reported that Smith has opted to not put the dog down, nor does she appear to be willing to muzzle the animal.

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