Injuries are common in all states. But every state has those unusual afflictions that happen to be a little TOO common.

Amino is a company that helps people find the right doctor for what ails them. They've put together a list of each state’s unusually common injuries. You know, those strange injuries that seem to happen more often in one state more than others.

The majority might not make you think twice, but there are a few that'll have you scratchin' the ole noggin.

Like Oklahoma. Rotator cuff sprain. Is there something that happens in Oklahoma that I don't know about that would cause them to sprain their rotator cuff? Is there a job that requires doing windmills with their arms that cause sprains so often it's become common?

Some northern states including Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Vermont, all have a real problem with spine dislocation! Are there just an abundance of loggers that are dislocating their spines while taking out trees?

As far as Louisiana, we just need to learn to duck. Facial injury is the most unusually common injury.

Here's the whole map:


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