A woman is furious after photos revealed her mother-in-law borrowed her wedding gown to wear to her surprise baby shower.

Family drama is swirling, and the woman has turned to Reddit for advice.

In her post on Reddit's popular AITA thread, the woman asks, "AITA for freaking out at MIL for wearing my wedding dress?"

She explains that her mother-in-law was told she couldn't have more children and was surprised to learn that she was pregnant again.

According to the woman, her mother-in-law hasn't exactly been kind about the news.

Instead, she is "being rude about it and acting like it is a do-over baby and acting like my husband is irrelevant because she wanted a girl the first time and is now getting one."

Although the mother-in-law has been rude to her and her husband, the woman writes she agreed to let the in-law borrow a dress for the upcoming baby shower, explaining that she offered up her wardrobe but had to leave for work.

The woman left several maternity dresses to choose from, but she never considered her mother-in-law would choose her wedding dress as an option for the event.

However, photos on social media told a different story, and she now feels "shocked" and "violated."

"I began to cry, and I called her, but she didn't answer. When I got home, she was home and out of my dress. I asked what the f--- she was thinking, and she was like, huh? I screamed at her that she wore my wedding dress."

The MIL was aloof. "My mother-in-law replied that I said she could borrow something. I said, 'But not my wedding dress. Are you f---ing stupid?'" she continues.

"[My] MIL told me to stop yelling and started whining that it was a fancy shower and that she was too lazy to shop for maternity clothes. I yelled back, 'b---h, you don't even have a job.'"

The story continues: "Her husband told us both to calm down, and I was like, 'Well, where is your wedding dress? I want to cut it.' My mother-in-law claims she doesn't care if I cut it as her wedding is over and said I'm acting like an idiot."

The woman is now wondering if she was right to be furious that her mother-in-law wore her bridal gown, and the internet stands divided.

"This SHOULD be a clear not the a-----e, except you went WAY overboard with your response to this… Learn how to communicate," one Reddit user comments.

"Yeah, I was ready for N T A, but you allowed yourself to get sucked into MIL's vortex of drama," a second user chimes in. "If you really want to get revenge, ignore her and go NC. Instead, she played you."

"This made me seriously wonder how old OP is. I'm gonna bet she's maybe 18-20? And therefore, legit doesn't have a fully formed adult brain yet capable of that type of communication. Not an excuse, just a guess," another writes.

Meanwhile, someone else weighs in that it's "common sense not to touch someone's wedding dress without permission - no matter how fancy a dress it is."

"Asking to borrow an outfit and asking to borrow a wedding dress are two different questions, as most people view the dress as a special thing, not everyday wear. She knows it's your wedding dress, too. Not as if she just mistook it for a general fancy dress."

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