Following the area's destructive flooding in August, law enforcement in Scott will be keeping a close eye on motorists who drive on closed, flooded roads or move barricades.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger said beginning Oct. 1, drivers who violate closed road warnings--or move barricades--will face a mandatory court appearance for violations occurring within the City of Scott.

The new ordinances read as follows:

  • Title 32:56: Obedience to police officers, weights and standards police officers and traffic signs
  • Title 32:237: Barricades, signs and signals; prohibition against tampering with, removing, possessing, and violating instructions

Leger said in a press release, motorists who drive on flooded roadways compound flood problems by creating wakes that push additional water into people’s homes and businesses causing further damage.

Hopefully, with these changes, drivers will be more cautious and respect our citizens during these times of disasters." --Scott Police Chief Chad Leger

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