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A new reality show called 'Catfish' debuted on MTV tonight. Based on a 2010 documentary of the same name, 'Catfish' is centered around couples that have met online, but have never actually connected in real life.

Nev Shulman found out the truth about a family he met online in the documentary 'Catfish', and once people saw his story, they wrote to him sharing their similar situations. So many people reached out to him in fact, that he decided to start his own show to help couples who have solely interacted online, to meet face-to-face for the first time.

"It's the first TV show that I know of that deals with Internet relationships, online dating and digital love," Schulman said. "If you're on the Internet and you've ever met someone on a website or Facebook or through, many cases, Instagram, that you become friends with and then maybe you started chatting with and develop a flirtation with and you have feelings, you're going to like this television show."

[via MTV]

Of course, the obvious questions when it comes to online relationships are: "Is the person I'm talking to lying about their identity?" And, "Will the connection be the same in real life, as it is online?" 'Catfish' allows us to sit back and watch the awkward (and sometimes hilariously jaw-dropping) scenarios unfold right before our eyes.

Oh, MTV ... you've done it again.

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