Too often we have rushed through a fast food drive thru to only be disappointed upon opening your order. You know the feeling, you drive away, and as soon as open your bag you are let down because what is in the bag is nothing like what you ordered. However, I have found my Top-5 favorite local fast food restaurants that seem to always get my order correct. While they may have a mishap here and there, its not very often!!! Here are the Top-5 fast food restaurants, locally, that seem to "always get it right."

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    It should go without saying, but if your order is ever wrong at subway, you are the only one to blame. How could someone ever get your order wrong when you are the one building the sandwich? OK, maybe they may hear your request wrong, but in any case, getting your order wrong at any subway is far and few between.

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    Popeyes Restaurant

    Too often I have gone to other chicken restaurants and it never fails, the side orders are not what I ordered. Rarely have I ever had a problem with any local popeyes here in Lafayette. The food is always fresh, and the service for the most part is always really quick. Can't really claim that this fast food chain needs to be "polished-up."

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    Whataburger is my FAVORITE place to stop after the club gigs on the weekend. Now, you'd think that getting there often at 3am, the workers would be tired and/or frustrated, and screw-up my order. Well that is not so, it never fails at 3am, my order is always FRESH and NEVER incorrect at a Whataburger. Perhaps I arrive after the late-night crowd, but I can't complain about the service at Whataburger. Two thumbs up for the locations on Ambassador and University here in Lafayette.

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    Cane's Chicken Fingers

    I am seeing more and more of these locations pop-up around Acadiana. The good news for all of us is, rarely, and I mean RARELY will this fast food chain ever get your order wrong. The college kids that work there have been trained well in customer service, and it is always a PLEASURE to do business with this restaurant. Attending LSU, I frequently visited the first Cane's in the state, on the campus of LSU. And I must say, even then the orders were always right on in their early days. I can't really say enough about going through a drive-thru at any Cane's restaurant in the state.

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    At number one, I think most of you would agree that Chick-fil-A is the best when it comes to getting your order correct. Not only are they quick and precise with your order though the drive-thru, the service inside at any Chick-fil-A goes unmatched. In a good way, it almost seems like it is "Fake" inside any Chick-fil-A you go to. The workers, young and old, are so nice and the visit is ALWAYS a pleasure. The only complaint I have about this franchise, they close on Sundays....But its to allow their workers to spend time with their families!!! This fast food chain has the blueprint for customer service down to perfection!!!